Timisoara’s Archdiocese in scandal


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I know that people will be pointing us out after this post, like they did after our post about priest from Ersig (Caras-Severin), Capota Dragos Vasile! But this time we are the sinners, we will be the ones to burn in the Devils deepest trenches of hell.

boanchesLadies and gentlemen, today we will be talking about: The Economic Counselor of the Archdioceses in Timisoara, Father, Valentin Boanches. His name probably sounds familiar from the article:”Banu-i ochiul dracului: deviz fictiv la o parohie timisoreana” posted by our colleagues from deBanat.ro, in April 27 2011. Something tells us that this priest isn’t serving in the House of God just for the benefits of getting into heaven. From that article you can easily see how this priest was abusing hi power, but keep in mind that that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Some time ago we have found Father Boanches on a socialization platform designed for the use of the gay community. WHAT!? Father Boanches on a gay socialization platform, chatting and going on dates with guys, also calming that he was not part of the ecumenical circle!? Can you believe it? We can. After this post on GayGossip he will be reprimanded by the rest of the community which will split up in two parts: The Pro-Priest and the Anti-Priest. We would like to remind you that the job of this man is a prestigious one, that is very influential. We don’t care what he dose in his personal time, and what his private life is like, as long he he does’t condemn the gay community; but the moment he dose, we will have to wish him a very warm, “welcome to the club!”. We managed to get Father Boanches’s personal number and invited him over for a sex date, because his wife does’t seem to do it for him anymore.

Now we will post some photos of the conversation Father Boanches had in which he exchanged numbers, waiting to be called so he can meet up with our interlocutor for some “sweet sex”!


We would like to ask the users from Timisoara, do you remember this profile? How many of you haven’t been contacted by this profile? How many of you haven’t had at least one date with this user? I remember the first date I had with this user, in a metallic gray car, with church clothes.

vali3 KopieO my! Father Boanches demands a photo before anything else!

Do you remember the post about Father Capota Dragos Vasile? Well like in his case we also have a recording of the phone conversation we had with him. If you would like to listen to it, please comment on this article, asking us to post it. But in the mean time we can give you exact information about when Father Boanches was called!

We would like to thank our colleagues from Vodafone Romania SA for their kindness, in giving us access to its online services, “MyVodafone”, which shows us the list of recent calls going out to Father Boanches.

valiboanchesWe can easily demonstrate that this number belongs to Father Boanches! How? There exists a service contract between Father Vladica Boanches and Orange Romania.

valiboanches1We wouldn’t want you to think that Father Boanches doesn’t know about all this, because he does. He knows what hypocrisy he has given proof of! For his selfishness and for the simple fact that he condemns the homosexual community, which he is part of, which he shares the same carnal pleasures with, like us. To make ourselves clear, being a priest is suppose to be a calling, not a job. We know that it is treated as a job in our country, but we would like to remind the BOR management, that this is not a job, but a calling, something you have to feel.

     To those of you who would like to hear the phone conversation with Father Boanches please comment and we will post it without any remorse, as long as the Romania law permits us to do so. We hope that Father Boanches gets all the money he wants and that he will serve his God with out condemning the gay community anymore!



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