Scandal at The Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Church choir songs at the projections of the LGBT World History Month, is the title on the first page of those from Dark Q, a Gay Romanian blog. An appetizing title, followed by a very cute post.

Wednesday night a group of nationalist, Orthodoxes blocked the projection of an LGBT themed movie, at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant, who were humming the national anthem and making homophobic remarks, tells us a one of the volunteers and organizers of “LGBT World History Month”, Alexandra, in “Romania Libera”.  This protest of approximately 50 people, took place in the room where the movie about a family that consists of two lesbians, “The kids are all right”, was going to be played.

The Capital Police spokesman, Alexandru Niculae, mentioned in “Romania Libeara”, that Wednesday night “there was no problem of penal nature or contravention” at the Museum Of the Romanian Peasant, and that that gendarmes took care of the public order. And also the spokesman of the Capital Gendarmes, lieutenant Georgian Enache, explained that the gendarmes were at the scene only to help the policemen.

Lieutenant Georgian Enache also mentioned that the protestors in the viewing room were legitimated by the police and not by the gendarmes.

The director of the Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Virgil Nitulescu, mentioned thursday, that he was not in the museum at the moment when the protest began, but when he found out what was happening, he called 112 (Romanian Police) and told them of the ongoing situation.

Virgil Nitulescu, also declared that, besides projectionist, the only other people in the room were two employees of the Museum: the deputy director, Mihai Gheorghiu and Vlad Columbeanu.

When asked if he had any knowledge that the employees were unhappy with the production of the LGBT themed film, Nitulescu said for, Romania Libera, that the deputy director, Mihai Gheorghiu, had a very vehement position.

Also, the director said that he asked the police for a full report of that night.

Half an hour before they announced hour,  we were excitedly awaiting the projectionist in the hallway outside of the new Cinema of the Romanian Director, to hand him the DVD to verify it. The DVD passed the PG15. A few unfriendly people made their way to the hallway and stop, close to the entrance, after noticing our presence. Dani (another volunteer and organizer of LGBT History Month) notices that one of the people looked like he was hiding a bat in the sleeve of his jacket. We took a closer look and it turned out to be the romanian flag rolled up. The adrenaline grew. It was somewhat clear to us what was going to happen. The people at the entrance were waiting for more backup for the scandal that was about to happen. I went up with the projectionist, Mr. Neacsu, that for the past three days he has been told by his colleagues not to do this. We later found out that a few of the protestors were actually employees of the Museum of the Romanian Peasant, which were appalled by us wanting to project the film “The kids are alright”, at the New Cinema of the Romanian Director. After verifying the DVD, a man that looked like Museum security, entered the room where i was with Mr. Neacsu, who asked him to stay at the entrance of the projection room, and prevent people from entering the room with any dangerous objects. “

After a few trips, up and down, and a small misunderstanding with Mr. Neacsu, who had the film programed to start at 18:30, when the online program said that it would start at 18:00, I personally heard the deputy director of the Museum of the Romanian Peasant, (who was against the movie projection from the get go) saying: “Start the movie as fast as possible, the sooner it starts, the sooner we finish”, being surrounded by the people we from the hallway we mentioned earlier.

Two men, one dressed as a civilian and the other as a policeman, went up to the room above the projection room, from where the DVD was going to be played, and told Dani that they have information suggesting that the people from the hallway had objects to aid them in boycotting the projection of the film, first taught that came to mind was smoke bombs.

“We dont have anything against you, you can play your film where ever you like, just not  at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant. If you knew the Romanian history, you would understand why we dont want this to happen here. Go back to your States. The only people who come at your parades are from abroad anyway, not you. Thats why we dont go to Malls to protest against movies, because malls don’t symbolize anything, when on the other hand, The Museum of the Romanian Peasant does”. These are the words that the organizers heard.

At the moment when one of the representatives of the USA Embassy in Romania, started speaking before the projection of the film, more than a few people in the room stood up and started singing the Romanian National Anthem.

After, another part of the room got up and started fighting and yelling out “Shame!”


‘In capatul strazii este Liceul George Cosbuc – Bucuresti’




  • Dieter
    March 19, 2013

    it is again a scandal … it shows how we have to go on fighting for Lgbt rights in the EU and everywhere … let’s stay close together, we are family …

    • Gossip
      March 19, 2013

      Dieter tell that to romanian people!

  • bright.light70
    March 28, 2013

    We are a country that did not understand what it means civilization, we do not understand and we do not want to understand anything that is different than what our communist parents and grandparents have teach us (lucky me because I grew up in a family of educated people). It is impossible to be gay and not hide it (if you are a serious person, a person who does not want to show off in a negative way). The reason our fellow citizens revolted on LGBT population, was: “that holy cross has other value and HOMOSEXUALITY is not one of them!… your demonstration is anti-christian”… A “lady” shouted out loud: Call the POLICE!!! (for what? stay calm “lady” no one wants to harass you).
    Romania is a country that does not deserve any help from EU or other organizations (it’s hopeless), is a country that deserves to crawl in dirt, poverty and indoctrination, we deserve our fate. Shame on 5% (when i say 5% I do not mean just the LGBT population, I mean open minded people) of population which is different , but 5% can not fight with 95% and even if we can fight with 95% we don’t want to do that because we know is not worth. In big picture this is Romania.
    I can’t wait to leave this idiocratic country, full of thieves who kiss cross and steal from church and everybody else.

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