“Romance” in the whorehouses of Frankfurt

Starting from this article we’re not bodered to say that we can find transexuals/transvestites in the whorehouses of Frankfurt. If we can remeber the “escandalo” made by Inna de Arad si Naomy at Kanal D, in which the “girls” admit that they’ve worked in Crazy Sexy Frankfurt. The same “girls” mentioned that in Puff known as Komm there are other transexuals/tranvestites work there.


Source: Facebook

The prices are similar in either case in Frankfurt, only that those apartments are rented in a hotel regme and the rent is payed daily, rent that can cost near 180 euros.


Frankfurt offers the chance to make this money real easy, on the other hand, you don’t get in these locations so easy if you don’t have your medical analysis made in time. We can only assume that the “girls” that work there and represent Romania, are doing it with pride and come home with enough money to open a similar bussines over here, hoping thus that the mentality of our country would “loosen up”! We’re kinda tired to torment ourselfes with multi-colored baloons and samba steps on a 37′ Celsius; that doesn’t mean we don’t salute and cordially bow in front of the GayFest put together by our proud ACCEPT Association.

Thank you Irina Nita, for all the thing she did during this GayFest and Loredana Groza for becoming our very own “Liberty Advocate”. We feel that these are also those baby steps to a more understanding and tolerant Romania, but we wanna show that the westic countries are far mor tolerant and accepting and thus we can learn a little bit from them.


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