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To support Ukrainian LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay,   Bisexual & Transgender people and their friends and families) after a weekend in which 2 Gay* PRIDE organisers were violently attacked and injured even *after* they had abandoned the public Gay* PRIDE event in the face of overwhelming threats of violence against PRIDE participants. The peaceful Gay* PRIDE event was to highlight the severe difficulties encountered by LGBT people living in the Ukraine who cannot even make peaceful representations in the Ukrainian capital, the week that the law Article 8711, which forbids “homosexual propaganda”, was discussed in the Ukrainian parliament (Vehovna Rada).
We urge the national football teams of countries whose foreign ministries have been active in upholding the human rights & dignity of LGBT+ people (Sweden, Netherlands, France, England, Germany, Denmark… express their solidarity by wearing something rainbow, (on the pitch, off the pitch, at the start of the game) to send a ray of hope to Ukrainian LGBT+ people, that they are *not* alone and that their future as LGBT people can be better.

You can sign the petition here:

Dear GayGossip Romania,

This week, millions saw this dramatic photo of a gay man beaten by neo-Nazi extremists in Kiev, Ukraine.  It’s shocking, but the anti-gay movement doesn’t stop there.

As early as this week, Ukraine’s legislature is expected to vote in favor of new laws that will make it illegal to be gay or lesbian in public.

President Viktor Yanukovych is the only person with the power to stop the law in its tracks, but he has stayed silent as anti-gay sentiment grows. If he doesn’t speak out now, an entire generation will be forced into the shadows.Here’s our chance: Ukraine has been trying to forge a “special alliance” with the European Union for years and this week an EU delegation focused on human rights will visit the country to advance the process.

If we create a massive outcry in the next 3 days across Europe, President Yanukovych will be forced to finally speak out against the law or risk endangering his lucrative EU partnership.  

Will you add your name to the call – we don’t have much time:

We’ve seen this before. Just like in St. Petersburg Russia, the bill Ukrainian politicians are pushing forward makes it a crime to write or speak anything considered “homosexual propaganda”. Things are getting so bad in Ukraine that the law is actually the product of the Government’s own Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information.

Ukraine is serious about this new alliance with the EU community and can not afford to ignore calls from Germany and its other neighbours.

In fact, the President described an EU partnership as his #1 priority and his “legacy” for Ukraine. But shouldn’t Yanukovych be forced to speak out against laws that make gay and lesbian Ukranians second class citizens if he wants to reap the financial benefits of an EU alliance?

Officials from Ukraine are set to meet with the EU’s Justice, Freedom & Security branch this Friday about human rights conditions for all Ukrainians. Though it’s President Yanukovych’s top priority to get into the EU without a hitch, this law is moving silently under their radar and is set to pass.  Now is the moment to bring this issue to light.

Will you take one moment to call on President Yanukovych to speak out against this bill before his meeting on Friday?

Every single voice of opposition makes a real difference so please sign and share this with friends far and wide.

Yanukovych’s legacy is at stake – let’s make sure he knows it:

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