Judges and Courtrooms

Renowned judges are knocking on our communities door, especially the ones in the West of the country.

capture-20130127-231217 How many of you, from the West of the country haven’t heard about Mirinda a.k.a. Octavian Albu, the one who recently worked on Zass Proteus, the one who eats money off close friends and the one who lies all most as much as Basescu? This man is in a continuous dispute with Zass Proteus Timisoara, and here is the proof:

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Not to mention his file which is still being looked over by Timisoara’s Court , in which he is accused of “embezzlement in continuous form”! It seems that he likes to book hotel rooms in his friends name which he”forgets to pay”, not to mention all the borrowed money which exceed a normal limit, money which has still not been payed back today.

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A while ago, we presented to you in a few articles, the story of three divas that are living on the back of the gay community, they split an apartment but not the rent, which is not to good. We can easily add to this list of divas Mr. Octavian Albu, renowned for his lies and cheep tricks.

Lets “proceed” with showing you the true face of Judge Albu Octavian: not so long ago we have found out from some of our sources that this Judge is borrowing money that reach up to 1000 Euros, which he had no intention of paying back, and never did.

Our second story about him has to do with his brothers accident. His brother was a taxi driver for “Tudo Timisoara”, where they said that :”He had a car accident and like Bratu and some doctor, at the operation they said he was going to die, so everybody cried, but we get a call from his brother to order a cab, just a few hours after we spoke!” -O my, Mirinda.. really?! –

Mirinda, have you forgotten when you wanted to go to Wien and you didn’t pay your hotel bills, should we post a photo with the bills? Mirinda, not even the 48lei you owe to the Baroque Cafe ? Even Gombos was there with me when the poor barman told me that you said that you had your wallet in your car, and when you went to get it you were gone for good.

Here is a short history of his activity on Planet Romeo:


Pay attention to the user <<sense-simplicity>> registered in Timisoara. If he has changed his name again, you can find him under this profile number 8951058. ===

Update: No surprise that he has disappear from PlanetRomeo, but keep a look out. If we find out what his new profile is, you will be the first to know. We would also like to thank all the people who have thanked us for this initiative and who know what this fellow is capable of.

===This fellow, Octav/Tavi/Octavian (a.k.a. Mirinda by the gay community) or whatever he prefers to be called, with clear psychological issues is one of the oldest and trickiest individuals from Timisoara.

His way of “working” consists of creating fake personalities when having an online conversation, so that he attracts naive people of different ages. He has been doing this for the past 10 years. Using a few psychological tricks, which assume very well put together scenarios, some of which we will illustrate below. We are a small group, and we are”friends” whit this fellow, have been for a few years, but this beast needs to be stopped once and for all. He needs to check his own sad little life, or if he really wants to impress us, he is gonna fix up his life using only his own powers and qualities (all tho we know he doesn’t have any). Because of this we will remake some demonstrative profiles, so that everybody on every dating platform knows what this fellow is capable of.

JOB: probably the biggest lie he will ever start a conversation with! Depending on the case and how he is perceiving his dialog partner, he will usually lie that he is a manager, lawyer, prosecutor, director or any other job that inspires stability, relations or influence. REALITY: he sells home goods in a store in the center of Timisoara.

MONEY: he will lie every time that in his very busy life, money is never a problem, money is a evanescent thing, it can always come from a 1000 places. Recently he is changing his cars, in his sick imagination, its either a black Volvo, or a Mercedes or a SUV. REALITY: he is as poor as you can be.

HOUSE: he will lie that his house is in a residential neighborhood, or, if he is feeling modest, he owns his own apartment. REALITY: he lives with his mother, being all most 40 years old! thats just sad…

IMAGE: because he knows he cant compensate for his suspicious aspect, he tries to compensate with the lies we just revealed. He will say that looks aren’t important, until the other person believes him. REALITY: judging by the way he looks, I’m not even surprised he has to lie the way he does.

GAY: he will try every time to get under the skin of the person he is talking to, and to create a state of lightness and floating because they have found HIM, the big time director/manager/lawyer/what ever. He will continue his game by creating more scenarios, which are so mundane that nobody would suspect that he is feeding them a load of bullshit. The most important part: he will work his magic in such a way that he is always one step ahead of what his date’s are expecting, so that they feel comfortable and open up to this charlatan. At the end of it, most people with a gram of intelligence will figure out that he is a liar and will forget about him. You may be intimidated by his relations at the Court House, police, or sad threats but soon you will see that his lies are see through.

REAlITY: don’t worry tough he is harmless! But he will always start over, looking for his next victim. The list could go on and on but we will replace it with some advice: -we have been friends with this fellow for quite some time, back before he hit this all time low, but all this psychopathic abuse of people on this website needs to stop! – don’t trust  people on the Internet, especially the ones who try to sweep you off your feet with beautiful words! Remember: when something is too good to be true, it probably is! Don’t lose your minimum dose of skepticism in life, it could save you! -it’s not a news flash that we gays are generally more sensible to stability be it financial or just having someone by your side; it’s not a newsflash that a lot of us feel the need to be accepted and need the validation of the people who surround us so that we feel acepted.

Watch out for the people who are trying to use the sensibility, this weakness, for their own benefit. People who actually work as judges, lawyers or what ever, are definitely not spending time on this website all day long; or maybe they do in the mind of our friend- be careful to who you give out your personal details, they can and probably will be used against you by people like him. You probably won’t find details like this, illustrated in such an educated way as we did on this profile!- Watch out for any sexual activities that may seem suspicious! Never have unprotected sex and test yourself at least two times a year! Be very careful if you have had sex with this person!!!

Thank you for reading far through out the text. And we would like to thank the ones who have thanked us for this initiative.


Hey Mirinda, we thought you were an honest and well educated lady from the college of Banatean. Hey Mirinda, how could you steal from Razvan and Gal 200RON so that later on you could give it to “Tushi”?! Hey, why don’t you kill yourself? Why don’t you just gas yourself? No, honestly how far can you go!

 For showing this side of the community, the ones from Accept and PSI Romania will not tolerate us any longer, because we are intruding the intimacy of this person. All readers have responded to that by saying: “what do you care?”; And we would like to tell them that: “we are gossip, we like it and it keeps us entertained! Plus it helps you realize how heterosexuals would like to accept us.  And yes it gives us a great deal of pleasure!


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