“Free” sexual perversions with Noua Dreapta

Is there any point in presenting what “Noua Dreapta” is? No there isn’t, but we promise to give you a detailed presentation about what they do, or better said, what the leaders of this organizations from Romania, do.

One of the leaders of “Noua Dreapta”, Adrian Pal, a painter is now being investigated by the police for appearing in many pornographic materials with underaged children from the underprivileged children’s center he was working at.

UnknownAdrian Pal(30 years old) is the leader of the club “Mircea Eliade” from Bucharest and was responsible for the internet of the nationalist organization. One of his attributions was, recruiting new members for this organization. Of course after 2-3 pornographic materials we also have a few children with him.

Adrian Pal has graduated the University of Arts in Bucuresti, section Mural Arts. In 2010 he explained why he likes working with children: “I know these kids very well, I know their problems and I am trying to change something trough education and I feel very useful when I see them spending their time learning new things rather then spending it in the harmful environment of the streets.”. His arrest has indignanted the sympathizers of Noua Dreapta to state that: “Adrian Pal has been framed, a spyware has been planted in his computer, which was used for a certain purposes. The date, time, and minute of this crime is known.” Of course somebody from “Accept Romania”, and PSI Romania, quickly went there to fix his computer and plant this spyware.

Unknown-1This seems to be the perfect occasion to cite some of the expressions used by him: “Romanians weak up! Sexual perversions are mental diseases”,”Romanians, we need to stop the homosexual epidemic! It is more dangerous than the flu” and “ Divination has created us normal, sexual perverts need to be medically treated” said Adrian Pal.


Of course the leaders of “Noua Dreapta” refuse to comment on the accusations but have released to the public that they have suspended Adrian Pal from his functions: “We, the members of Noua Dreapta, believe that Adrian Pal is innocent until proven guilty but we have to take into account the assumptions made until we have a definitive decision from a judge”.


Dear Mr. Peasant: from this moment on we are permitting ourselves to call you what ever we want! We hope you get a very long sentence in “the big house” where we are sure you will get a lot of sexual perversions,  as soon as your cellmate finds out what you got canned for. I wish the mass media would make it know to everybody: “Romanians weak up! Sexual perversions are mental diseases!”

We also need to mention that Adrian Pal has been in the police custody since december last year, while the DIICOT prosecutors have found over 1.000 files that contain videos and pictures with minors in pornographic poses. Adrian Pal has put these videos and pictures on the internet, with the help of a computerized program. He is being accused of infantile pornography trough computerized systems, but the investigators are also assuming that Adrian Pal is directing these pornographic movies with the underprivileged children.


“Evenimentul Zilei” tells us more about this:click aici


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