Delirio Timisoara takes a hit from Obsession

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This is addressed to all whom read this site, to all whom frequently check the prestigious LGBT community of Timisoara, and not only. I think everybody already knows that, approximately a month ago, Delirio from Timisoara closed and the organizers have decided, trough a mere conversation, that the parties will be held in the close by club, Obsession.

Sursa: FaceBook

Sursa: FaceBook


Recently there have been some rumors in the community that the administrator and resident DJ of the club, who is reserving his right to select clientele, is complaining that our homos our arriving drunk at his club. This is mostly true, because the association between Delirio and Obsession is a profitable one only for the administrator, Ricky Bordiciuc!


One night we went there to check out the information and we were pleasantly surprised, when we realized that a flat or sparkling  water costs more than 0,5L beer. We did not see anywhere, what the commercial addition of the company was, for which we headed directly to the bar, and bought a Timisoareana for 6Lei, after all we are in Timisoara. A vodka+redbull was 16Lei, a Corona was 16Lei, and so on.

I would like to make it known to those who visit this club frequently that the prices are extremely high when compared with the ones in Zamara, Fratelli Timisoara and Heaven Studio. Lets be honest, the administrator of this club is taking advantage of the situation and is stuffing his wallet unfairly.



Saturday we had a very unpleasant experience. At least 5 people, belonging to the community,  were outside smoking and complaining about the smoke in the club. All tough the club was equipped with smoke ventilation, by the time i got there none of them seemed to be working.  I admit that my eyes were watering more than when my boyfriend left me in the Center of Sibiu.

I would also like to tell all the members of the community  from Timisoara and close by, that they are being fooled, their wallets are being rapidly emptied. Mr. Rickey is making a mockery out of us, lets take a stand and not be part of it. After all we work for that money, and considering how gay-friendly Timisoara is, we could have fun in groups in different clubs.

We will certainly hear that there are alternatives the the club, for example Sauvage Club Timisoara, but we all know that Club Sauvage lost all its clients to Club Delirio, which is currently being rehabilitated.



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