Cultural Diversity in Timisoara

Maybe some of you wonder, why this title? Simple. Rumor has it that Timișoara will be the host of another LGBT club under the brand Delirio the Club Timisoara. Eh, every club owner can afford to launch his brand in different places. We’re curious if this club will function as the one from Cluj-Napoca and if this Delirio the Club Timisoara will have the same facilities as his big brother.

Over time, in the town on Bega’s shore there were a number of clubs that were more pompous and more classy, but stable for several years remains Sauvage, located in the vicinity of Liberty Square (in the navel fair), Timisoara. The club hasn’t suffered too many changes , except now they have attached some lights, like in a the village disco. At least now we can see a person’s face.

The club manager wants to kick the club into massive renovations for some time  and a new look…. we would really want to see. Now when… that is a tricky question. Mentioning that these changes have begun from the entrance of the club with this picture, which we have attached a little lower. OMG, but we are discovered by the guys from the  “New Right Foundation!!!”. Certainly, they will soon release the gas canisters on the vents, while us the pretty little cool girls, dance beautifully in the wonderful club.


My dears, we really didn’t find two paint brushes to cover this message adressed to the whole gays, down there? I, as an ordinary citizen, think that they would be able to find some, but we Romanians are filled with disgust. See the plagiarisms of 155 pages of Mr. Ponta’s PhD. We don’t want to be involved in politics or pull an alarm signal that the location is already in sight of the ones “that want to harm us”. We don’t know the club policy of Sauvage (La Sorelli Studio), but we address the management that we tolerate everything they do, but not too much. It’s true, we have no elsewhere to go, but we are welcomed in friendly clubs, without too many problems!

We mention that La Sorelli Studio, has a bodyguard, not one like in the movie with Whitney Houston, but there is one. So we are protected! The one who was before looked somewhat decent and half of the fairies’ were drooling after his well done arms!

We’re not interested in the serving, but we do draw attention that there are consumers that blow @200 RON’s per night on vodka-redbull and after who knows how many orders they get vodka-apple. Maybe the order wasn’t well understood, however, I think that at the handful of people who come, they should know about each’s consuming. Or you ask for an apple juice because youre driving and you won’t risk getting your license suspended and you get 50% – 50% (Apple Santal with Apple Ciao).

In the club, entering is not that easy, because of the “producers”; that’s why the club management therefore decided to give access cards for each member of the community (Blowned money because noone ever asked for mine. Maybe because i am so known?) But neither to the novices wasn’t required that so called acces card or to Str8 looking, acting, people that know the club destination and get there just to be amused or to have fun.

Just like Anke Engelke said, during Eurovision 2012 “Azerbaijan, Europa is watching you!” we say: “Sauvage, your clients are watching you!”
We now hope that the “known” managers of the Gossip blog will get banned from the Club, because that seems to be the practice, and if not a ban is well received.


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